Chilli pepper Peak harvest has been reached

Red fruits fill the fields and tell us that autumn has begun.

Organic hawkweed (“Mitaka”) is rare in Japan and not produced in large quantities in many areas. As pesticides and chemical fertilisers cannot be used in organic farming, aphid and stink bug control is carried out entirely by hand. In addition, branches are thinned out and water is managed almost every day to prevent the onset of disease. Although it is a very labour-intensive crop, the fully ripe chilli has a sweet and rich taste with a hint of spiciness, making it a popular product not only in Japan but also among overseas customers.









 Organic Beets

Our beets are grown domestically in Japan using natural, organic farming methods. They are carefully grown without using any chemical fertilizer, or pesticide. Upon harvesting, they are processed at our organic certified facility. Our beets are available in two forms: dried chips and a paste, both of which are processed at our facility. Beets are dried using a low temperature to maintain a fresh flavor. The size of the chips can be adjusted if necessary. Paste is managed from start to finish including washing, paste processing, and packaging.


Dried chips

Sliced chips dried with low-temperature drying for a fresh flavor. Coarsely crushed chips are also available upon request.

Please inquire about the size for seasoning.

Contracted processing: cleaning - paste processing - slicing - drying

Frozen paste/2kg is also available.

Paste processing is done at our own JAS organic factory, from washing to paste processing to filling.

Name of the plant

Organic Beets

Country of Origin


Storage method

Keep in refrigerator


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