We will exhibit at the 7th “JAPAN`S FOOD” Export Fair

We will have a booth at the 7th "Japanese Food Products" Export Expo to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.
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We will exhibit at Health And Wellness Japan-2023

Shimane Organic Farm company will exhibit at the Health Expo 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight.
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Chilli pepper Peak harvest has been reached

Red fruits fill the fields and tell us that autumn has begun.

Organic hawkweed (“Mitaka”) is rare in Japan and not produced in large quantities in many areas. As pesticides and chemical fertilisers cannot be used in organic farming, aphid and stink bug control is carried out entirely by hand. In addition, branches are thinned out and water is managed almost every day to prevent the onset of disease. Although it is a very labour-intensive crop, the fully ripe chilli has a sweet and rich taste with a hint of spiciness, making it a popular product not only in Japan but also among overseas customers.








We started the wasabi harvest!

In the midst of snow flurries, the harvest of wasabi, which has been carefully cultivated for two years, began.

Organic horseradish comes from the process of seed removal.

Seeds are collected from the flower buds of the parent plant, which has been grown without the use of pesticides.

The cultivation of Japanese horseradish requires a more detailed control of water, temperature and sunlight than other crops.

After the roots have grown, the plants are ready for planting.

We monitor it to make sure it grows well.

We also check the soil temperature and the temperature in the greenhouse before transferring the plants to the field, waiting for the best time.

When the large leaves have grown, thin them out, checking each one for disease and insect damage.

Summer: a challenging time for Wasabi.

Wasabi is sensitive to high temperatures and usually cannot survive the summer in greenhouses.

It is necessary to control the temperature every day to avoid high temperatures even in summer, using shade nets and cooling systems. Organic farming does not allow the use of pesticides. It is also important to make sure that the wasabi, whose immune system has been weakened by the heat, is not affected by diseases or pests.

Preparing for the harvest.

After a hard summer, the seedlings sprout many small shoots, which we thin out to make each leaf large and beautiful.
In March, the flowers bloom again and the harvest lasts until May.


 Organic Beets

Our beets are grown domestically using natural, organic farming methods without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Shorly after harvesting, processing at our organic certified facility begins. Our beets are dried using a low temperature to maintain a fresh flavor and are available as either a paste, dried chips, or a powder. Chip size can be adjusted as necessary. All processing is carefully managed from start to finish to ensure quality and consistency in our products.


Dried Chips

Dried, sliced or crushed chips are available in various sizes depending on customers' needs. Please inquire on your requirements.
Please inquire about the size for seasoning.

Contract Processing; Cleaning, paste processing, slicing, drying.

Frozen Paste (2kg) is also availiable.

All processing is done at our JAS organic certified facility.

Name of the plant

Organic Beets

Country of Origin


Storage method

Keep in refrigerator


Frozen Paste | Dried Chips | Powder

We also supply other food ingredients produced in Japan.
Feel free to contact us.

All our products

BIOFACH2021 e-Special will start soon!


Shimane Organic Farm company is participating in the biggest organic exhibition, BIOFACH (Nuremberg, Germany) annually for the last five years. Due to the coronavirus situation, we have decided to participate in this exhibition online.

We look forward to seeing you on the “BIOFACH 2021 e-Special” Online platform.

Dates and time:

February 17-19, 2021

From 9:00 AM to  1:00 PM (Nuremberg time)

We are also happy to accept your questions and requests at the following email address:


Shimane Organic Farm Co., Ltd team


Organic YUZU Dry Peel

Organic WASABI . Grown in Japan (New)



It was published in the magazine ” Bigin : World Seasoning Catalog Issue”



Introducing valuable items from classics to the latest works, Japaice was published in "Mono & Fashion Begin" of a man who is particular about

The most popular "Japaice mixed spices" in our shop is listed in the "Mixed spices" section of the special page "World Seasoning Catalog 50".

  Bigin「世界の調味料カタログ」に掲載されました! Bigin「世界の調味料カタログ」に掲載されました! Bigin「世界の調味料カタログ」に掲載されました!

What is Japaice
Our shop is a world-class organic spice brand. The origin of the product name "JAPAICE" is a product of "JAPAN" and "SPICE". Actually, this product was originally developed and sold in response to the demand of overseas markets, not the Japanese market, and the particular quality of only organic raw materials quickly became a big hit overseas. A delicious seasoning that allows you to directly feel the flavor and umami of the ingredients. Today, it is highly evaluated both at home and abroad.



We have created a delicious and easy-to-use seasoning that uses domestically produced "organic chili" and "organic yuzu".
Brings out the taste of food refreshingly.
Appetizing "organic pepper". In fact, there are not so many domestically produced "organic chili peppers" in circulation. You can enjoy the original taste of chili peppers because they are processed immediately after harvesting the rare chili peppers while keeping their freshness. "Organic Yuzu" has received plenty of the blessings of the fertile earth. It is a self-confident product that does not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is thoroughly committed to safety and security. Please enjoy the authentic taste that is full of attention at your daily dining table.




This is also recommended! Japaice series



オーガニック・スパイス・ブランド Japaice

Shimane Organic Farm will exhibit at  ANUGA 2019 (Cologne, Germany) next on October 5-9.

Shimane Organic Farm will exhibit at ANUGA 2019 (Cologne, Germany) next on October 5-9.Read more

Shimane Organic Farm will exhibit at SANA 2019

This year we are waiting for you in SANA. Shimane Organic Farm will exhibit at SANA 2019, Read more

The first functional display food “Soraku” in Shimane

The first functional display food “Soraku” in Shimane Prefecture was completed.Read more

We will exhibit at the BIOFACH2019 in Nuremberg, Germany

SHIMANE ORGANIC FARM will exhibit at the BIOFACH 2019 (Nuremberg, Germanny)Read more

We will exhibit at FOOD JAPAN 2018 in Singapore!

We will participate at FOOD JAPAN 2018, the biggest japanese food event in Singapore.
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We will exhibit at Organic Expo 2018 (Yokohama, Japan)

We, Shimane Organic Farm Co., Ltd will exhibit in "Organic EXPO 2018", one of the biggest organic food events in Japan.
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We will exhibit on Biofach-2018 (Nuremberg, Germany)

We will exhibit on the biggest Organic food exhibition, "BIOFACH2018" in Nuremberg, Germany.Read more

We will participate at FOOD JAPAN 2017 in Singapore!

We will present our newest product series, "JAPAICE" and "MULBERRY MATCHA". Read more

We will exhibit in Organic Expo 2017


We, Shimane Organic Farm Co., Ltd will participate in "Organic EXPO 2017", one of the biggest organic food events in Japan.

Date : August 24-26, 2017

Time: 10:00~17:00


Booth Number: OG-12 

We will be happy to introduce our new organic seasonings, powders, teas and many other products!

Please, fill free to visit us!




We will exhibit in TUTTOFOOD2017!

Shimane Organic Farm Co., Ltd will exhibit in TUTTOFOOD2017  (Milan, Italy).

 One of the biggest international B2B food show in Italy will have place in Milano from 8 to 11 may, 2017.
Our company will exhibit the original Organic Mulberry Matcha, Organic Powders and New organic seasonings as well. We will be glad to meet you in our stand!

Details of the Exhibition:

Place: Strada Statale del Sempione, 28, 20017 Rho, Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Date:  08.05.2017 - 11.05.2017 Monday - Thursday, 4 days

Our booth location: Hall 4, Stand RO4


TUTTOFOOD2017 Official page>>    http://www.tuttofood.it/en

We will participate in the 1st JAPAN ORGANIC STYLE EXPO

We will participate in the new organic exhibition - 1st JAPAN ORGANIC STYLE EXPO


If you will in Tokyo in this period, please visit us.

Date: November 18, 2016 (Friday), November 19, 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 10:00~17:00

Venue: Tokyo International Forum Exhibition hall 1[access]

Booth N: 041-2

Huge range of organic items(from food ingredients to clothes) will be presented in the exhibition.

We will participate in the 2016 BioFach organic Expo.


This BioFach is the exhibition of authentic Germany and held at the same time. Shimane Since the organic farm is possible negotiation in Germany venue, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested to import organic products and imported raw materials.

The 15th greet the world's largest organic exhibition of the goods "Organic EXPO 2016 BIOFACH JAPAN" in this year, it will exhibit as Shimane organic farm.

day: 3days / February 10th, (wed), 11 (Thu), 12(fri) 2016

time: 10:00~17:00

place: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) West Hall 4 [access]

Organic dehydrated vegetables, organic green juice raw materials, organic functional ingredients, organic health tea, other organic supplements, will be exhibited at the center of the Sakurae, Shimane mulberry tea production union handling products, please visit us feel free to come.

In addition, food in the venue, fiber, because the wide range of items that have been certified organic cosmetics will be introduced, you can enjoy, such as a variety of organic products in the tasting.

The carefully one by one

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn our Shimane organic farm , we have production, processing and sale of agricultural products at our own group , we have realized a fine trace management system from cultivation to market . We can provide at an affordable price the best of local raw materials . Raw materials that are tailored to your needs and make the combined cultivation and processing methods in the final goods will guide you . In today's world the early era of transition , but has become the norm is going more and more to product development a lot of things , you dare not make an effort to make one by one good goods by holding a number of articles . Customers with the aim of goods , such as who can expect to be " want to eat again." , We are working with staff committed to the motto of the delicious , safety and peace of mind .