About Co-Packing

We offer a wide range of OEM services – from making original Organically Certified health teas, to “aojiru” green juices, smoothies, and supplements. We create unique products that suit your needs. Products are also available with and without labeling.


Our processing facilities are located a stone’s throw away from our fields, allowing us to begin processing immediately after harvesting. We can make products with both freshly harvested materials as well as processed materials.


We offer you an OEM plan based on your designated budget and project requirements.


We maintain JAS Organic Certifications for organic cultivation, organic processing and handling of organic products. We implement a high-level of management to trace our production and processing for both organic and non-organic food. We also hold ISO 22000 certification to provide the best quality internationally.


We’ve produced over 100 kinds of OEM products for various companies around the globe.


We will work with you even if small orders are requested. Please contact us even if your order quantity is small, or if you’ve been refused by other companies.

Flow of OEM Manufacturing

We offer a full range of services: from the selection of raw materials and product planning to the packaging of final products.


Planning and Discussion

We ask about your requests, discuss the project budget, organic logo requirements, general conditions, etc.



We begin planning your product based on the needs of your request, create samples, request feedback, and revise the plan.


Brand Naming

We ask for your opinion on names and also do our own research to define the brand name.


Package Design

Your wishes will be reflected in all design decisions. If you would like us to design the packaging, we will provide the estimates separately. You can also supply us with your labels, or place them yourself.


Final Estimate

We provide final estimates after final approval of the following points: production method, final packaging, quantity, shipping address, etc.


Manufacturing and Shipping

Finally, we produce the desired quantity of your original product and deliver it to the negotiated address within or outside of the territory of Japan.

Finish your Products

If additional information is required about our services, please contact us below.

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Product Planning

We offer the best-quality raw materials, original processing methods and functionality, and the ability to make products for competitive prices even in the case of small lots.

Domestic Ingredients & No Additives

We make high-quality products without using any additives, from ingredients grown domestically in Japan.

Creating Great, Successful Products

We offer a wide range of original sweets and jams made from natural ingredients sourced from Japan without using any flavorings or food preservatives.

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