Organic Horseradish

Domestically made in Japan. Carefully grown using organic methods, without using of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Processed in organically-approved plant. Horseradish paste is excellent for using with meet dishes (sausage, stakes, etc.)

Name of the plant

Organic horseradish

Botanical name

Armoracia rusticana


Minerals, Dietary fibers, Vitamins

Country of Origin

Japan(Shimane Pref.)


Nutrition taste・Testing of Residual agricultural chemicals・Bacterial analysis

Storage conditions

Paste: keep frozen

Dry forms: avoid  high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.


Dry tips
Fine powder(Mesh 200)

Frozen paste

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Organic Horseradish Powder.PDF
JAPAICE mix salt WASABI and Kale 22g product.PDF

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