Organic Mulberry Leaves

Mulberry leaves are famous for having many useful properties.  Ever since ancient times, they have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine.  In the recent of joint research, conducted by our company, Shimane Prefectural government and Medical Faculty of Shimane University, different active ingredients, foremost Q3MG, were discovered in mulberry leaves. We carefully grow our mulberry in Shimane’s rich soils without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  We offer you the mulberry leaves in a different forms: from dried flakes to tablets.

Name of the plant


Botanical name

Morus Alba L.


DNJ、 Q3MG、 Natural minerals, Dietary fibers, Vitamins

Place of origin

Japan (Shimane Prefecture)


Nutritional composition, Testing of Residual agricultural chemicals

Storage conditions

Avoid high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight

Shipping unit


Outer packing – cardboard box, inner packing – polyethylene bag


Dried big flakes
Dried flakes (7 mesh)
Roasted flakes for teas
Roastet flakes in tea bags
Dried  powder
Concentrated extract powder
100% Tablets


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Organic Mulberry Leaf Powder.PDF
Organic Mulberry Matcha product series.PDF
Organic Mulberry Matcha 100g.PDF
Organic Mulberry Matcha Product.Flyer.PDF
Active components of mulberry leaves: DNJ, Q3MG.PDF

Also we can supply you by other food ingredients from Japan. Please be free to contact us.