Organic Adlay grass

The young leaves of Adlay, or Job`s tears come from the poaceae family (like barley or wheat) and have been recently recognized for being very healthy. Because this plant can protect its own beautiful, green leaves from degradation in the intense summer sun, we started to research if we humans could use this power to protect our own skin. We carefully grow our adlay using natural methods, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and start to process it while it fresh at an organically-approved plant.


Name of the plant

Adlay/Job`s tears/Job’s-tears

Botanical name

Coix lachryma-jobi


Narural minerals, Dietary fibers, Vitamins

Place of origin

Japan (Shimane Prefecture)


Nutritional composition, Testing of Residual agricultural chemicals

Storage conditions

Avoid high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight

Shipping unit

Outer packing – cardboard box, inner packing – polyethylene bag


Dry powder

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Organic Adlay Grass Powder.PDF

Also we supply other food ingredients from Japan. Please be free to contact us.