Shimane Prefectural Industrial Technology Center and Shimane University School of Medicine research group is, from mulberry leaves agricultural production corporation limited company Sakurae, Shimane mulberry tea production union of Shimane Prefecture has been cultivated, have discovered a new component “Q3MG”. This component is a type of flavonoid, research group has also carried out animal experiments to confirm the anti-atherosclerotic effect, lowering of blood LDL cholesterol, the efficacy of the mulberry leaf, such as reduction of arteriosclerosis nest area of the aorta for we are researching.
It should be noted, by the content of measurement, “Q3MG” We know also that it contains especially many in the mulberry, which is produced at the town Sakurae. Mulberry specific component “1-deoxynojirimycin better thin” (DNJ) and Q3MG of synergy are also expected.

We will continue to strive to create products that take advantage of the functionality of the future is also conducting joint research with Shimane Prefecture, Shimane University School of Medicine “Q3MG”.

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LDL Mulberry separated based on the antioxidant activity (Morus alba L.) antioxidant flavonol glycosides in the leaves (548KB)

Other, the results of the study can be confirmed in the conference presentations and papers. Please search for “Q3MG”.