Processing of agricultural products at an organically-approved plants

We offer to you various types of processing of organic products on our organic JAS certified facilities. We accept individual orders for cutting, grinding, drying, roasting, packing in tea bags and packaging of the products. We accept from small lots! Please be free to contact us!


Preserving the natural power of the agricultural products

We accept orders for cutting and grinding of harvested crops. We offer the technologies of cutting, maximally unveiling hidden benefits of materials. The grinding sizes and forms can be changed depending on the specifications.

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Tea packing

Striving for the best even in the smallest details

We pack tea leaves, herbs, etc. in different types of tea bags, including unbleached paper in order to make product more “organic” and “eco-friendly”.

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Drying methods with thinking about final product

We change the methods of drying depending on the features of product. For concentrate of nutrients, we use fast drying, in case easily destroyed nutrients, we use the technologies of low-temperature drying. We offer to you most appropriate drying method.

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Re-packing and filling

High-precision Technology with high level of precision

You can order most suitable re-parking and filling of your products.We package powdered products or dried products into 10g units or more. We also manage small lots.

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Honed skills – highest quality

The quality of roasting is crucial in quality of roasted products. We offer a method of slow roasting using kneader with open flame. Our masters roast even easy-burnable materials, such as leaves and other difficult materials.

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The separation of foreign substances

For 100% certainty

We remove foreign substances from processed raw materials with using the methods of vibration screening, weight comparing and removing of metal particles with a magnet.

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