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What is Mulberry?

Mulberry (桑) is a plant that has been utilized since ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine for its beneficial properties.

One of the many benefits of Mulberry leaves is its natural ability to inhibit the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. And, unlike traditional tea leaves, mulberry is caffeine free and can be enjoyed by anyone at any time of day.

How is our mulberry different?

We are both a producer and processor of mulberry leaves. We stick to natural, organic cultivating methods to ensure only the highest quality leaves are used in our products.

This includes avoiding the use of any additives during processing.

Additionally, Q3MG, a newly discovered compound which helps prevent arteriosclerosis, was found to be more abundant in our mulberry leaves compared to others.

Product Description:


Ready-Made Products

Organic Mulberry Tea (2.5g x 15 Tea Bags)

Organic Mulberry Tea (2.5g x 36 Tea Bags)

Organic Mulberry  (100g Tea Leaf)

Bulk Material

Organic Mulberry Leaves (1kg)

Organic Mulberry Leaves (10kg)

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